Wall-Mounted Cat Scratching Pole with Perches

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The innovative wall-mounted design maximizes space and keeps your home tidy. The high-quality wood is wrapped in thick and long-lasting sisal ropes, providing a perfect spot for your cat to sharpen claws and protect your furniture. Install our wall-mounted cat scratching pole in any room or corner of your home. With a height of 69 inches, it accommodates the scratching needs of small and medium-sized cats. The 4 shelves included in the design cater to all of your cat's activities, including jumping, sleeping, perching, and playing. To further engage your cat, we've included a flexible mice-shaped spring toy that bounces and entices. The simple assembly process allows you to effortlessly create a fantastic space for your beloved feline friend.


Overall Dimensions: 27.4"L x 12.32"W x 69.05"H

Inner Diameter of Scratching Post: 2.28"

Sisal Pad Dimensions: 8.27"L x 7.87"W

Hammock Dimensions: 11.81"L x 11.81"W

Platform Dimensions: 15.75"L x 11.81"W x 0.6"H

Diameter of Base Board: 6.7"

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