Shower Corner Shelf Caddy 2 Pack

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Easily install our versatile shower corner caddy with either screws or glue. The adhesive method is ideal for smooth surfaces, such as tiles, marble, glass, metal, and wood. Please note, our caddy is specifically designed for 90 degree corners, not rounded corners. Crafted from premium aerospace aluminum, it is resistant to rust, corrosion, and tarnish. The sandblasted surface ensures a strong, scratch-proof finish and a shiny silver appearance under the light. With smooth edges and corners for safety, and a sturdy structure, your items will stay securely in place. Drainage holes help keep the caddy clean and free of standing water. The innovative design allows for customizable height adjustment to fit your specific needs. Tested for a maximum load bearing of 40 pounds, our corner shower caddy can hold toiletries, spice bottles, flowerpots, and more. The bottom even includes two removable hooks for hanging bath towels or scrubs, making it perfect for any space in your bathroom or kitchen.




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