Modern Smart Side Table with Built-in Fridge and Wireless Charging, White

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Transform your living space with this innovative and versatile smart side table. Not only does it add aesthetic appeal, but it also offers practical features like a built-in fridge, wireless charging, and multiple charging ports. Ideal for any bedroom or living room, this table enhances your lifestyle in more ways than one!

Smart Cooling Drawer: Within the smart side table, a single drawer is designed as a refrigerated storage compartment. It can store items such as beer, cola, tea, fruits, and snacks, each in its respective partition. You can also accurately adjust the temperature to preserve the freshness of your treasures. The adjustable refrigerator temperature range for the drawer is 37-46°F.

High-efficiency Compressor Refrigeration System: Efficient compressor cooling system design ensures quiet operation, maintaining beverages at their ideal temperature at all times.

Wireless charging setting: A 15W wireless charger is installed on the counter of the smart side table, which can provide surging power for your smart devices at time.

Power socket: Discover the thoughtful convenience of two built-in power outlets discreetly placed at the back of the table, providing easy access for all your charging needs.

USB & Type-C charging port: There are double USB and a type-c charging port on the side of the smart side table to meet the needs of charging and using electronic devices.

Induction light: The side table is also designed with an intelligent human Induction function. The built-in light beneath the table will automatically activate when you approach and gently dim when you move away. With a touch-sensitive panel, easily toggle the night light on or off. Choose from three adjustable brightness levels using the tabletop touchpad for personalized lighting.

Front welcome LED light: The front welcome LED light on the top achieves clear lighting .The light is evenly distributed and the user experience is better.

Removable door seal: The dismantling of door seals will ensure that the refrigerator is sealed for a long time, which facilitates daily cleaning and maintenance and reduces energy consumption losses. 


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