Modern Round Lift-top Nesting Coffee Tables with 2 Drawers, White & Natural

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Experience a perfect balance of beauty and functionality with the Modern Round Lift-top Nesting Coffee Tables in White & Natural. These tables feature an innovative lift-top design, nesting configuration, and 2 drawers for storage, making them the perfect fit for any modern home. With an elegant look and versatile use, these coffee tables are a valuable addition to your home decor. This set includes two differently sized tables that nest together, saving space when needed. Not only do they enhance the aesthetics, but they also offer great practicality and flexibility.


Experience the ultimate convenience and adaptability with our Modern Round Lift-top Nesting Coffee Tables. The larger table effortlessly transforms into a versatile workstation or dining surface with its lift-top mechanism, while the smaller tables offer discreet storage with their two drawers. Designed to provide a clutter-free living space, these round tables can be nested together for easy storage when not in use. Elevate your experience with the smooth and secure lift-top functionality, perfect for dining, working, or playing games. Experience the beauty and functionality of these tables, crafted from high-quality materials for a modern and visually appealing addition to your living space.


Effortlessly and smoothly lift or lower the tabletop with the hydraulic lifting function. The secure and stable hydraulic system ensures a seamless transition between different heights. The Modern Round Lift-top Nesting Coffee Tables feature a nesting design, allowing for convenient storage and versatility. Save space in your living room by placing the smaller table underneath the larger one. When you need extra surface area for entertaining guests or organizing your belongings, easily separate the tables. The smaller table in the set includes two drawers, providing ample storage space for keeping small items neatly organized and out of sight. Store items like remote controls, magazines, coasters, and more within easy reach with these drawers. Discover the value and functionality of these coffee tables today!



Dimensions: 31.5"L x 31.5"W x 15.7"H

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