Lift Top Coffee Table Desk with Storage

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The tabletops of this versatile coffee table can easily be lifted to your desired height, thanks to the advanced pneumatic lifting system that operates smoothly and quietly. With grooves between the tabletop and side boards and two concealed storage compartments, you can safely and neatly store your belongings. The table's four splayed solid wood legs provide sturdy support, while an adjustable middle leg prevents deformation. The bottom of the table sits 10 inches above the floor, making cleaning a breeze. Additionally, the split lift-top design allows for easy access to items while sitting on the sofa, making it perfect for working, enjoying afternoon tea, and more. The superior pneumatic lifting mechanism ensures stability and a pleasant experience, while the ample storage space keeps the tabletop clutter-free and organized. This well-constructed table also features a 5-leg support and user-friendly details such as a pinching risk-free design and easy-to-clean waterproof surface.



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