Large Cat Exercise Running Wheel

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Perfect for those with limited space, or those living in an apartment or condo, this product is designed to keep your indoor cat in shape. With a charming base and a unique round wheel, kittens can burn energy and maintain their health. Constructed from durable and sturdy materials, this cat exercise wheel offers hours of fun and exercise for your feline friend. A removable pad ensures a non-slip and long-lasting experience, while the smooth edges protect your pet's delicate claws. The bottom shaft features a silent pulley design, making it quiet and perfect for nighttime use. Easy to assemble with step-by-step instructions, this wheel also prevents potential furniture damage and makes cleaning a breeze. Truly a must-have for any cat owner!

Overall Dimensions: 36.65"L x 15.55"W x 41.15"H

Wheel Diameter: 33"(Inner); 36.6"(External)

Base Dimensions: 32.08"L x 15.55"W x 9.72"H

Wheel Dimensions: 36.61"L x 36.61"W x 14.17"T

Weight Capacity: 44 lbs

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