Expandable Shelf Organizer

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This expandable shelf organizer allows you to customize the length and height to meet your specific needs. With a length range of 14.5'' to 23.3'' and a height range of 4.72'' to 6.1'', you can create multiple layers of storage space. It's perfect for filling any gaps in your wall cabinets, closets, sink cabinets, and other tight spaces, freeing up room for more items to be neatly stored and easily accessible. Achieve maximum organization and convenience with this versatile storage solution!


This shelf organizer combines the durability of wood and iron with a waterproof and rustproof coating, making it both beautiful and easy to clean. Its sturdy metal frame can hold up to 66lbs and its versatile design makes it perfect for use in the kitchen, pantry, closets, and more. Use it to organize anything from spices and dishes to books and small appliances for a highly functional and stylish addition to any space.


Dimensions: 23.23 in. x 8.39 in. x 8.04 in. 

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