Dog Crate Side Table With Feeding Bowl, Three Doors and Flip-Up Top Opening

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This multifunctional piece of furniture doubles as a comfortable dog crate. It can be used as an elegant side table, end table, or nightstand, adding a touch of sophistication to your home. Your pet will feel safe and at ease in this durable and functional crate. With a weight limit of 150lbs, the top of the crate can also be used to display home decor, such as plants, magazines, and photos. The included adjustable raised dog feeder and two stainless steel bowls cater to your dog's specific eating needs. The top of the crate has a convenient opening with support bars and sponge pads for quiet and easy access. Your dog can enter and exit using any of the three doors, providing ample ventilation and allowing them to see you while you can keep an eye on them. Assembly is a breeze, with most of the steps preinstalled for your convenience. Provide your pet with a peaceful and comfortable resting place in style with this dog crate side table.


Exterior Dimensions: 43.7'' W×30.0'' D×33.7'' H   

Interior Dimensions: 41.42'' W×27.63'' D×29.92'' H

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