Chenille Sectional Sofa with Storage

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The Chenille Sectional Sofa with Storage features a unique design with storage function under each of the 6 pieces. This not only provides a designated space for children's toys, but also allows you to store blankets and daily essentials to keep your room tidy. The flexible combination of this U-shaped modular sofa allows you to move and re-match each seat for convenience and versatility. Additionally, the armrests and backrests can be adjusted to 3 different positions to support your neck, shoulders, and arms, relieving any pressure. The use of high density foam and pocket springs ensures superior comfort whether you're sitting or lying down, while the sturdy wooden frame and solid wood legs provide stability and durability. With the ability to adjust the angle of each arm and backrest, this sofa is perfect for families who need storage space and value comfort. The soft and durable chenille fabric adds a touch of luxury to this practical and versatile piece of furniture.


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