Multi-functional Square 360°Rotating High Gloss Coffee Table with 2 Drawers, White

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This versatile high gloss coffee table features a minimalist walnut design and a 2-tier rotatable structure, perfect for a variety of settings. By rotating the top half 360 degrees, it can be adjusted to any angle for your storage and decoration needs. Gain more tabletop space by rotating it, providing room for decorations, books, coffee, and more. Whether it's in the living room, lounge, office, or any living space, this unique square table with higher side panels is both functional and stylish.

Made with a high-quality rotating mechanism, it is sturdy and durable. The combination of the glossy top and walnut base adds a bright and elegant touch, creating a spacious and airy feel. The top is also coated with a high gloss UV film for scratch resistance and easy cleaning. Upgrade your space with this beautifully designed coffee table.


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