Modern Smart Coffee Table with Built-in Fridge and Wireless Charging, Black

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Transform your living space with this innovative and versatile smart coffee table. Not only does it add aesthetic appeal, but it also offers practical features like a built-in fridge, wireless charging, and multiple charging ports. Ideal for any living room, games room or office, this table enhances your lifestyle in more ways than one!

Refrigerated Storge Room: Dual refrigerator drawers with temperature-adjustable knobs ensure your beverages are kept at their optimal state. The left drawer ranges from 34-46°F, while the right drawer ranges from 43-54°F.

Partitioned Storage: Designed for living room convenience, our refrigerated drawers feature dual partitions, enabling easy organization and efficient food classification. Maximize storage efficiency with a sliding top box, offering flexible space atop the drawer.

High-efficiency Compressor Refrigeration System: Efficient compressor cooling system design ensures quiet operation, maintaining beverages at their ideal temperature at all times.

Living Room Charging Station: Stay powered up with the convenience of 10W wireless charging and handy USB charging ports, ensuring your devices are always ready to go.

Power socket: The smart mini table is equipped with a power socket,which can provide users with electricity needs for various living room appliances. The power socket is equipped with a safety switch.When the household appliances use too much power and exceed the safety range,the safety switch will automatically cut off the power to aviod danger.

Water Interface: The smart mini table has reserved drinking water holes in the refrigerated small drawer box to meet the user's demand for direct drinking of ice water and automatic water supply for burning tea.

Removable door seal: The dismantling of door seals will ensure that the refirgerator is sealed for a long time,which facilitates daily cleaning and maintenance and reduces energy consumption losses.




Modern & Smart Coffee Table
The Smart Coffee Table with refrigerator is an advanced smart home appliance and furniture product designed to cater to the needs of contemporary family lifestyles. This remarkable addition to your living room seamlessly blends practicality, convenience, and elegance, providing an unparalleled enhancement to your daily living.

<divstyle="font-size: 16px;="" font-weight:bold;line-height:24px;color:="" #333333;word-break:="" break-word;"="">Dual Refrigerated Drawers</divstyle="font-size:>
Inside the smart coffee table, the two storage drawers are designed as refrigerated compartments, perfect for storing beverages like beer, coke, tea, fruits, snacks, and more. Experience convenient partitioning, precise temperature control, and treasure your refreshments.

<divstyle="font-size: 16px;="" font-weight:bold;line-height:24px;color:="" #333333;word-break:="" break-word;"="">Living Room Charging Station</divstyle="font-size:>
Centralize your charging needs with the all-in-one convenience of our smart coffee table. With 10W wireless charging, two USB charging ports, and one built-in power outlet, you can effortlessly power up devices while keeping your living space clutter-free. Say goodbye to searching for outlets and tangled cords – enjoy the ease and efficiency of having multiple charging options right at your fingertips.
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