65" Large Wooden Rustic Outdoor Potting Bench

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Are you ready for Spring? This farmhouse garden potting bench will provide the perfect inspiration for the upcoming season. Crafted from 100% fir wood, this sturdy table is ideal for outdoor use, with a spacious 46.8x18.5inch workstation. Its generous surface can hold all of your tools and planters from your beloved garden. For avid gardeners, this potting bench is a must-have. Standing at 65" tall with a 36" potting height, it offers 4 ample storage shelves to keep all of your tools within easy reach, without the need for bending or squatting. The bench features 1 upper shelf with 2 grids and 3 lower shelves, providing more than enough space for small tools, soil, pots, and other gardening necessities. With additional hooks on the side, you can easily hang small kits such as trowels, rakes, towels, gloves, and even your gardening hat.


Overall size: 46.9x19.3x65inch (LXWXH).

Each Grid: 22.5x10.2inch(LXW)

Tabletop: 48x18.5inch(LXW)

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